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Metrofibre Deals

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MetroFibre has been a major player in the South African telecoms industry since 2010. They manage and own South Africa’s first globally compliant Carrier Ethernet 3.0 (CE3.0) open access fibre network.

According to a MyBroadband article published in March 2023, MetroFibre is South Africa’s third-largest Fibre to the Home (FTTH) provider in South Africa. Their infrastructure is available to around 440 000 homes with an estimated 126 000 of those connected to the network.

Their customers comprise of Internet Service Providers, resellers, business properties, residential property developments as well as the everyday home consumer. Home users can access services like Internet access, VoIP, MetroFone, MetroMesh (Wi-Fi extender), as well as the Metro-I security service which is available in estates and complexes.

MetroFibre Business customers have access to services like high speed broadband network connectivity, VoIP, Layer 2 services, IP transit as well as dedicated internet access. Solutions like mesh Wi-Fi, cyber security hotspots and other IT services can be tailored to both enterprise clients and SMMEs.

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