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Zoom Fibre Deals

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Unlock blazing-fast, unrestricted Internet access with Hollywood Connect!

Check out our Zoom Fibre deals below to get started. Remember, you can upgrade/downgrade at any time.

Zoom Fibre

Introducing Zoom Fibre as a new Hollywood Connect's supplier for fibre services, one of South Africa's most rapidly expanding Fibre Network Operators, poised to redefine connectivity standards. Currently reaching around 180 000 homes, Zoom Fibre has set an ambitious target of extending its network to encompass 350 000 endpoints in the medium term. What sets Zoom Fibre apart is not just its scale, but its commitment to an Open Access Basis, providing users access to a diverse array of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) through their network, including Hollywood Connect.

Beyond providing exceptional connectivity, Zoom Fibre is making a significant impact through innovative projects. The BAOBAB Fibre Project, a collaborative initiative with the Saldanha Bay Municipality, is a testament to their vision of transforming areas into Smart Cities. This initiative reflects Zoom Fibre's dedication to advancing communities through cutting-edge technology.

Choosing Zoom Fibre as our new supplier means aligning with a company that not only envisions the future of connectivity but actively contributes to societal progress. Their commitment to open access, innovative projects, and community development makes Zoom Fibre a dynamic partner in our pursuit of enhanced connectivity solutions. Get ready to embrace a new era of connectivity with Zoom Fibre, where access knows no bounds, and innovation knows no limits!

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