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Openserve Deals

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Unlock blazing-fast, unrestricted Internet access with Hollywood Connect!

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Introducing our new Fiber supplier, Openserve, a telecommunications powerhouse that has established itself as a trusted name in South Africa. With a remarkable reach, Openserve currently serves over 1.1 million homes, connecting approximately 515 000 of them to their cutting-edge fibre network. Boasting decades of experience, Openserve is renowned for its commitment to innovation and reliability.

Openserve's flagship product, the Openserve Fibre Connect, has become synonymous with high-quality telecommunications solutions. Even in areas where fibre has yet to roll out, Openserve maintains legacy copper lines, showcasing their dedication to comprehensive coverage.

The sheer scale of Openserve's operation is awe-inspiring; their fibre cable network could encircle the Earth's equator four times over! This highlights not only their extensive infrastructure but also their commitment to providing widespread connectivity.

Their service offering extends from residential properties and estates right the way through to multinational government institutions and multinational enterprises operating in South Africa. Consistent investment in their infrastructure over the years means that they can just as easily offer an entry-level 10Mpbs product for your home or a gigabit connection for your office.

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